Diplomatic 1562 - Witness Description

1562 edition (A): This diplomatic edition (A) collates the EEBO reproduction of the 1562 edition (Mr Huth’s copy) (STC (2nd ed.) / 1356.7) and the digitized prefatory material of the same edition, as well as of leaves 1 (r-v), 2 (r-v) and 52v now accessible on the British Library website. This EEBO facsimile is fairly defective: it lacks two pages of the prefatory material (iii.v and iiii.r ), presumably because of erroneous microfilming and/or digitization, and the neatly contrasted black-and-white images make the marginalia hardly legible. This octavo edition presents the prefatory addresses in a first four-page gathering, followed by 84 numbered leaves (A. to L.iiij.v). The back of the cover has Mr Huth’s monogram with the motto “animus non res” encircled by “EX MVSAEO HVTHII”. The initial and the end flyleaves (the latter missing from the EEBO facsimile, L.iiij.r) are covered with handwritten notes. The first gathering contains the frontispiece and a prose address “To the Reader”. The frontispiece (“The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Iuliet, written first in Italian by Bandell, and nowe in Englishe by Ar. Br. In aedibus Richardi Tottelli. Cum Privilegio”) has manuscript notes. The prose address “To the Reader” occupies ¶ii.r – ¶iii.r. The A.-L. numbered gatherings contain the whole poem. Erroneous numbering occurs on pp. 37 (“a7”) and 44 (“45”). Manuscript commonplace marks (“flos”) are on pp. 18r and 20v and manuscript notes are on pp. ¶ii.r, ¶iiii.r, ¶iiii.v, 1r, 11r, 15r, 18r , 19r, 20v. The prefatory material is cast in Roman type, except for the “Argument”, which is in black letter like the following text. At the end of the poem, after the printing details, there is a small terminal ornament.