1530 - Witness Description

1530/31 edition: This diplomatic edition is based on the 1530/31 copy of the Biblioteca Trivulziana of Milan (MI0327/LO113). This edition is present also in the British Library catalogue (General Reference Collection C.106.a.4.). The edition presents, in the first page (not numbered), the title Hyſtoria Nouellamente Ritrouata di due nobili Amanti: Con la loro Pietoſa Morte: Interuenuta gia nella Citta di Verona,  in black letter, with some words in black ink and some in red ink, followed by an illustration representing Justice seated on a throne surrounded by two lions, holding a scale in the left hand and a sword in the right hand. The words Iustus ut Palma Florebit, in red ink, surround the illustration. The rest of the text is in roman letter. This edition is formed by four quires A, B, C, D; 32 carte; 64 leaves, numbered on the recto page, till the fourth, then left unnumbered. The first signature is represented only with a letter, A,B,C and D, the second with the letter and roman number or arabic number: Aii, B2, Cii, D2, the third with letter and arabic number: A3, B3, C3, D3, and the fourth with letter and roman number: Aiiii, Biiii, Ciiii, Diiii, all ofher pages are left unnumbered.