Al momento stai visualizzando Conference – In-between “pop-” and “post-”: contemporary routes in English culture – 18-19 December 2020

Conference – In-between “pop-” and “post-”: contemporary routes in English culture – 18-19 December 2020

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University of Verona, 18-19 December 2020

Online Conference (Zoom) –


Friday, December 18th 

10.00: Welcome and Opening Remarks

10.15-12.00: Culture and new media

Luisa Signorelli (University of Catania), “‘Mass Culture Effect’: Science Fiction, Classical Literature and the Quest for the Human Cultural Primacy”

Roberta Zanoni (University of Verona), “Pop-Shakespeare in Advertising”

Emil Mazzoleni (University of Pavia), “Carnival Row: A Philosophical Perspective”

12.00-12.20: Coffee Break

12.20-13-30: Culture and new media

Dora Renna (University of Verona), “Constructing the enemy. Mexican and Chicano villain stereotypes in American cinema and Italian dubbing”

Chibuzo Nathaniel Nwoko (Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano-Nigeria), “Multilingualism in Nigerian hip hop: A Potential Source of Lexical Innovations and Emergence of Nigerian Youth Language and Sociolect”

13.30: Lunch Break

15.30-17.45: Literary revisions

Manuel Zaniboni (University of Verona), “There is no “post-” in a plastic world: The Rime of The Modern Mariner and its graphic warnings”

Alberta Boschi (Parthenope University, Naples), “Rewriting the classics: Gray’s Poor Things as a multimodal afterlife of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Roberta De Tomi (Writer and Independent Researcher), “Post-Alice: from Wonderland to the Labyrinth, passing through a Cultural looking-glass”

Cristina Carluccio (University of Salento, Lecce), “Virginia Woolf’s Tragic Stardom between Appropriation and Manipulation on the Web”

Saturday, December 19th

9.30-11.10: Queer linguistics and culture

Davide Passa (Sapienza University of Rome), “RuPaul’s drag queens: conquerors of the web and the small screen”

Alice Parrinello (Oxford University-UK), “Homonormativity and Mainstream Contemporary LGBTQ+ Fiction”

Rocca Floriana Renna (University of Catania), “Translation as censorship. Analysing the role of censorship in the audiovisual translation of gender and sexuality-related texts”

11.10-11-40: Coffee Break

11.40-13.20: Culture and Politics

Cristina Zimbroianu (Autonomous University of Madrid-Spain), “Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies in Franco’s Spain and Communist Romania”

Alexandra Bardan (University of Bucharest-Romania), “Pop Communism in Romania: sources of the alternative media market during the ‘80s”

Maria Elena Capitani (University of Parma), “Literary and Cultural Intersections in Brexit Fiction”

13.20: Closing Remarks

Dott.ssa Alessia Polatti, Dott.ssa Roberta Zanoni