You are currently viewing Maestro e allievo? Due serie di annotazioni all’<em>Elettra</em> di Euripide (1545-1571)

Maestro e allievo? Due serie di annotazioni all’Elettra di Euripide (1545-1571)

I Mercoledì di Skenè

Progetto IMT – In margine al teatro

7 dicembre 2022 – ore 17:00

Palazzo di Lingue, Aula T10 e Zoom

GUIDO AVEZZÙ – Università di Verona

The recent rediscovery in Paris of an annotated copy of the 1545 first edition of Euripides’ Electraand an analysis of a Latin manuscript preserved in the Vatican Library make it possible to describe a series of textual interventions carried out at the same time but necessarily in two distinct phases (Δ and B). This intense critical work can for several reasons be attributed to scholars working at the Collège Royal in Paris and can be dated to 1571 at the latest. However, regardless of such attempts at attribution, the case is of great interest as it may allow us to describe:

– the modus operandi of the master and his interaction with his disciple;

– the directions and phases of complex exegetical and textual interventions on a dramatic text.