1535 - Witness Description

1535 edition: this diplomatic edition is based on the photographic reproduction of the 1535 British Library (General Reference Collection G.9882.) copy, present in Romeo and Juliet by Maurice Jonas, London: Davis&Orioli, 1921. The edition presents, in the first page (<Ai>, not numbered), the title in black letter, the first and fourth line are inked in black, while the second, third and fifth and in red ink. The title is followed by an illustration of a man and a woman holding something in their hands, a winged cupid is above their heads and points its arrow towards the woman. The rest of the text is in roman letter. This edition is formed by four quaderni A, B, C, D; numbered on the recto page, till the fourth, then left unnumbered. The first signature is represented only with a letter, A, B, C and D, the second, third and fourth with the letter and roman number: Aii, Bii, Cii, Dii; Aiii, Biii, Ciii, Diii; Aiiii, Biiii, Ciiii, Diiii, the all other pages are left unnumbered.