The DIALOGOS Δ research project aims at investigating the uses and functions of dialogue in several literary genres, with a special interest in drama, from antiquity to late humanism, from the early modern period up to nowadays. DIALOGOS Δ employs an interdisciplinary approach which focuses on the interaction among European literatures and cultures, ranging from history to philosophy, from philology to literature, from stylistics to performance, from the study of the visual arts to that of the materiality of the book, combining them with intermedial and DH perspectives in order to better understand, explore, and interrogate texts.

Coordinator: Felice Gambin, L-LIN/05 - Spanish Literature (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures).

Alessandro Arcangeli, M-STO/02 - Modern History (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Guido Avezzù, L-FIL-LET/02 – Greek Language and Literature (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Federico Barbierato, M-STO/02 - Modern History (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Silvia Bigliazzi, L-LIN-10 - English Literature (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures).

Davide Bondì, M-FIL/06 – Storia della filosofia (Dipartimento di Culture e civiltà).

Federica Formiga, M-STO/08 - Archival Studies, Bibliography and Library Science (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Fabio Forner, L-FIL-LET/10 - Italian Literature (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Giorgio Fossaluzza, L-ART/02 - History of Modern Art (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Marcus Ophaelders, M-FIL/04 – Estetica (Dipartimento di Scienze umane).

Alessandro Stavru, M-FIL/07 - History of Philosophy (Department of Human Sciences).

Gherardo Ugolini, L-FIL-LET/05 - Classical Philology (Department of Cultures and Civilisations).

Scientific Committee:

Emilio Blanco (Universidad Complutense di Madrid); Peter Burke (Life Fellow of Emmanuel College and Emeritus Professor of Cultural History, University of Cambridge); Virginia Cox (New York University); J. Ignacio Díez Fernández (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Kathy Hannah Eden (Columbia University, New York); Mercedes Fernández Valladares (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Luca Gili (UQAM-Université du Québec à Montréal); Luis Gómez Canseco (Universidad de Huelva); Jill Kraye (emerita del Warburg-School of Advanced Studies, University of London); María Luisa López-Vidriero Abelló (Real Biblioteca. Biblioteca de Palacio e Patrimonio Nacional); Federico Meschini (Università degli Studi della Tuscia);  Ana Vian Herrero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)