You are currently viewing Seminario sull’Elena di Euripide, da Siracusa a Verona

Euripides’ Helen: from Siracusa to Verona

On the occasion of the performance of Euripides’ Helen at the Roman Theatre in Verona (on 13 th and 14 th of September 2019 at 9 pm)

Thursday 12th September 2019, University of Verona, — Polo Zanotto, room 1.4, 3 pm – 6 pm 


3 pm: Welcome addresses: Silvia Bigliazzi (Director of the Skenè Research Centre) 

Avv. Francesca Briani (Verona City Councillor for Culture) 

3.15 pm: Walter Lapini (University of Genoa): Translating Helen for the Stage

4 pm: Interview with Director Davide Livermore. Chair: Gherardo Ugolini 

5 pm: Raffaella Viccei (Cattolica University, Milan) Two Stages for Helen: the Siracusa Theatre and the Verona Theatre

5.30 pm Sotera Fornaro (University of Sassari): Helen and Post-Truth

6 pm Gherardo Ugolini: Closing remarks 

In Collaboration with the Municipality of Verona – Estate Teatrale Veronese and INDA (Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico) 

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